All New Ford Endeavour Accessories

All New Ford Endeavour Accessories

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Ford Endeavour | Prices from ₹23,78,000*

All New Ford Endeavour Exterior Accessories




Function: With enhanced style, used to protect the car from scratches during bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Features: Designed and tested specifically for Endeavour. Compatible with front parking sensors and number plate mount.

Benefits: The only nudge bar that can meet Ford's stringent engineering and safety standards and adds to the sporty look of the car.



Function: To deflect waves and rain as you drive with your windows open.

Features: Rigid plastic and fitted on all four doors and comes with a light FRP material.

Benefits: Windows can be rolled down while you are driving during rain and warm conditions to provide a better aerodynamic flow.



Function: Adds to the enhanced look of the car.

Features: High Durability and technologically advanced.

Benefits: Scratch Resistant. High durability and protection of film. Easy to clean and maintain.



Function: To protect car from dust, bird droppings, scratches and rain.

Features: Comes as single piece cover with elastic straps. Made of special imported polyester material. Non fading silver color. Water resistant. Customized sleek fit to the car. No shrinkage and wrap.

Benefits: Superior protection. Fits snugly. Washable. Comes with Endeavour logo in the front area.


All New Ford Endeavour Interior Accessories



Autocop trackpro vehicle tracking system


Function: A GPS based vehicle tracker with a live display on the Track/pro mobile app

Features: Real time web & app based vehicle tracking system. Two mobiles can be paired to the system.

Benefits: GPS location gives you an alert via SMS. Anti-Theft alarm alert.


Child Seat


Function: To ensure safety and security of your new born inside the car.

Features: Comes with special profile to suit your newborn comfortably. Secures to the seat with seat belts. Can be secured in front or rear seats. Rear facing child seats. Comes with a special 2-mm foam for extra comfort.

Benefits: Protects the original seating of the car. Enhances the seating comfort and aesthetics. Can be easily cleaned. Enhances the re-sale value of the car.


Ambient Lighting


Function: Aesthetic accessory.

Features: Comes as a set of 4 for front and rear footwell. Ambient illumination. High durable LEDs. The color and brightness can be changed using smart mobile app.

Benefits: Enhances the visual appeal of the car when illuminated. Color and intensity can be changed as per customer’s preference.


Cargo Liner


Function: To protect the existing boot carpet from spillage & dirt and to stop the luggage from moving while driving.

Features: Comes in black color and a sizeable single piece which covers the entire boot space. Fire retardant plastic material and perfectly fits with the car floor.

Benefits: Protect the existing boot carpet from spillage and dirt and designed to cover the entire boot space.


Cargo Cover


Function: To keep your equipment and valuables out of sight.

Features: Comes in sizeable single piece and it is made of fire retardant plastic material. Innovative design that enables easy retract ability.

Benefits: Designed to cover the entire boot space. Keeps your valuables out of sight and protects from sunlight.


WaecoT B15 Theromocooler


Function: Can be used to keep food and drinks cool when connected.

Features: 12V DC. 15 Litre capacity and comes with 1 year warranty. Temperatures go up to 20 degree below the room temperature and heat up to 65 degrees.

Benefits: Light and easy to carry. It is equipped with maintenance-free technology which can be used for cooling and warming. Economically priced and reliable.


Pillow cover and neck rest


Function: To provide a cushioning effect.

Features: Made of special recron fibre & solid foam. Comes with an embroidered Endeavour branding. Designed to match the interior color ambience of the car. Neck rests are tooled in solid foam with good ergonomics. Comes with foam padding with wrap around Velcro.

Benefits: Added comfort while driving for long periods.


Emergency Lamp


Function: To provide lighting outside the car in darkness as well as inside the car.

Features: Comes as a handy lamp assembly with adequate chord length. Draws power from 12V socket in the Instrument panel. Comes with a strong magnet to hold the lamp. Can be bent to a 90 degree angle.

Benefits: Provides lighting for various applications like changing tyres, checking the bonnet, boot, reading maps. Handy lightweight lamp easy to carry.


Carpet Floor Mat


Function: To protect existing carpets from dust, dirt and slush.

Features: Fire retardant. Comes in color black and fits perfectly on the car floor. Odourless and easy to dust and wash.

Benefits: Comes in a set of three pieces. One for the front, and two for the rear. Tufted carpet and it is uniquely designed mat.


Puncture repair kit


Function: To perform temporary repairs for small punctures on the tubeless tyres.

Features: Compact kit consists of necessary tools & fillers. DIY kit with clear instructions on the box.

Benefits: Very helpful while stranded in remote locations with a puncture on the tubeless tyre. Temporary repair makes the car mobile which can be permanently repaired at an authorized tyre repair centre.


Satellite Navigation


Function: Fully integrated one Touch navigation.

Features: Real-time turn-by-turn voice navigation with graphical maps. Point-of-interest search-Easy to locate point of interest.

Benefits: Trip Planning- allows you to set-up an entire trip with multiple destinations. Store your favourite address which can be accessed directly.


Iluminated scuff plates


Function: Aesthetic accessory.

Features: Comes as a set of 4 plates for front & rear. Made of Automotive grade Stainless steel with auto illumination program when the doors are opened. Comes with Aspire Illuminated branding. High durable LEDs.

Benefits: Enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle and protects the rocker panel from scratches and damage.


Stainless Steel Scuff Plates


Function:  Aesthetic accessory.

Features: Comes as a set of two plates for front & rear. Made of Automotive grade Stainless steel and it comes with Endeavour Branding.

Benefits:  Enhances look of the car and it also protects rocker panel from scratches and damage.


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